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  1. TAOS HUM HOMEPAGE REMOVE BACKGROUND STRIPES About the background The 'Taos Hum' is a low-pitched sound heard in numerous places worldwide, especially in the USA, UK, and northern europe. It is usually heard only in quiet environments, and is .
  2. the Taos Mtn ski video you posted has a fun connection to Forrest and his dad’s wisdom “grab every banana”. The older man wearing the yellow ski jacket is Banana George. He was the worlds oldest snowboarder and barefoot water skier until he skied his final run into the sky at 98 yrs.
  3. hum pulses and counted my pulse, close but not quite in synch. Where my own pulse at rest is normally 59, or 60 bpm, the hum is always 62, 63, in that region. I did try to count pulse and hum beat at the same time but got confused as to which was which. Then I concentrated on my pulse and the hum .
  4. Jun 22,  · Taos Hum AKA “The Hum” Mutilated Prostitutes (Jack the Ripper) Human feet on the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada Variable constants Tetraneutrons Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays The Wow.
  5. The Hum Often mistaken for a large engine idling at a distance, this strange low-frequency humming sound has been heard across the globe by many different kinds of people. Ranging from a minor.

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