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  1. Dec 12,  · It’s Lazar’s explanation for the seemingly erratic behavior of alien crafts. It’s a neat explanation which is, on its face, internally consistent. Lazar also suggested that Element could not be synthesized on Earth, as it is simply too heavy. Lazar claimed instead that the substance could only be made in very large stonescarkagataursharphammer.infoinfo: Cassidy Ward.
  2. Mar 07,  · Lazar: “Humans Are Just Alien Containers” – Here is why Published on March 7, March 14, in Alien / Earth / Science / UFO / Unexplained For those who still don’t know who is Bob Lazar, I came with this epic interview with Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell at Larry King Show.
  3. Jan 09,  · ‘Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers’ filmmaker Jeremy Corbell reveals he believes aliens have made contact with humans, but admits he’s never had any person.
  4. George Knapp was not the only person who Bob Lazar spoke to on this issue of aliens, containers and souls. Michael Lindemann is the author of a book, UFOs and the Alien Presence. He also questioned Lazar on this controversy-dominated aspect of the story of Lazar .
  5. Aug 07,  · This Bob Lazar interview from September 26, dives into Area 51, Dreamland, UFOs, Aliens, Papoose Lake and much much more. Former Government physicist Bob Lazar made headlines world-wide in.
  6. Nov 18,  · Dr Silver is not the only person that believes Earth was visited by aliens in prehistory And he points out a number of other ways in which we are not well-adapted to our current environment – including intolerance of numerous common foods and even an inability to cope with strong sunlight.
  7. Jul 16,  · Per Fox 2, Lazar is "a physicist who claims to have worked with alleged alien technology and exposed Area 51 to the world in " Recently, he was the subject of a documentary titled Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers that has been a hit on Netflix.
  8. Six years later, the paths of Lazar and Teller crossed again. It would lead Lazar into the world of Area 51, UFOs and aliens. Or, into a world of disinformation and mind-manipulation. In , Lazar had a very different job to all of those which came before him.

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