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  1. Track 1 through 9 are demo and alternate tracks from "Big Generator". Rumor has it that these are the Trevor Horn produced songs, who left the project before it was completed. Track 10,11,12 and 13 are Jon & Vangelis demos, and stated on the cover art to be recorded in
  2. Round About: Yours Is No Disgrace: Yours Is No Disgrace: I've Seen All Good People: The Clap: Perpetual Change5/5(1).
  3. Roundabout () Yes Allentown Fairgrounds Allentown, PA I'm still converting live shows for my iPods and am now in the Talk tour phase. I then came across this gem. A lot of the Talk tour shows that circulate through trading circles are of the .
  4. While the recording is not complete and not all that great, it is a piece of Yes history. The story goes that the tour was booked and Bill Bruford got the call from Robert Fripp (King Crimson) and quit Yes. They got Alan White, who at the time was sharing an apartment with Eddy Offord .
  5. Comments: This is the "alternate" source of this show, as it is one of two separate recordings I made. As I mentioned in the other info file, this was a great show, well played, with a fantastic set and energetic audience which delighted the band (except for maybe Steve, who in the middle of Roundabout asked the crowd "What is your problem?").

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