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  1. Mar 01,  · "Voulez-Vous" is the sixth studio album by ABBA. Released April 23, , it topped the charts all over Europe, and made Top 10 in countries including Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In the US, it became ABBA's third album to reach the top /5(K).
  2. If It Wasn’t For The Nights" (working title: Pandemonium) is a song recorded by the Swedish pop group ABBA for their sixth studio album, Voulez-Vous.
  3. (If it wasn't for the nights I think that I could make it) I'd have courage left to fight if it wasn't for the nights (If it wasn't for the nights I think that I could take it) How I fear the time when shadows start to fall Sittin' here alone and starin' at the wall Even I could see a light if it.
  4. "If It Wasn't for the Nights" was considered by the band members to be one of the strongest songs recorded during the Voulez-Vous sessions, and was originally intended to be the lead single from the album. ABBA performed the song in Japan in November , upon their promotional visit to the country (known as ABBA in Japan).Genre: Pop, disco, R&B.
  5. Below you can read the song lyrics of If It Wasn't for the Nights by ABBA, found in Album Voulez-Vous released by ABBA in Remember that you can play this song at the right column of this page by clicking on the PLAY button.

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