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  1. Make them die, make them die Tooth for tooth, eye for eye Make them blind, make them blind Tear their eyes out, I don't mind And so the path is made for us And so we bring the plague with us.
  2. All songs written by Motörhead with the exception of Make 'em Blind (Kilmister) and Don't Waste Your Time (Kilmister). Music video was made for song "Sacrifice". Recording information: Co-produced by Ryan Dorn and Motörhead. Recorded at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood. Mixed at Aire LA Studios, Glendale. Mastered at Futuredisc.
  3. Jan 10,  · Make 'Em Blind, starts off with what sounds like a tribal drum beat. But the song never really picks up, it just stays the course, unlike the rest of the album (heavy, fast paced, to even a groove metal sounding pace) this song just drags on and is the second weak track/5(25).
  4. Make them die, make them die, Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, make them blind, make them blind, Tear their hearts out, I don't mind. Ten thousand words await us, but we shall only wreck them, Ten thousand times ten thousand, But we still infect them.

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