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  1. This is a list of fictional characters appearing in the stories set in the Honor Harrington universe or Honorverse, a best-selling series of over twenty military science fiction novels and anthologies invented and written by David Weber.. The stories in the five existing anthologies serve to introduce characters, provide a deeper and more complete backstory, and flesh out the universe, so they.
  2. by Vivian Lee On Saturday morning, October 27, , a mass shooting was reported at the Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill region of Pittsburgh, PA. A suspect, Robert Gregory Bowers, was apprehended at the scene, after being wounded by SWAT officers. Before he was taken into custody, Bowers is said to have killed 11 of the congregants and injured six, including four members of the.
  3. Schubert: Symphony # 4 ~ Whether a predilection for neglected repertoire or a shrewd marketing decision (or both), Klemperer's final session of was another bold choice: far from popular at the time, and with only a single prior decade-old recording (Barbirolli/New York Philharmonic, ), the Fourth was Schubert's earliest symphony in a.
  4. SUPERB FOR STEREO and better than ever for monaural records When it comes to the selection of a record changer to meet the exacting requirements of both modern stereo and mod- ern high fidelity monaural records - there is only one choice, the GS From the day this modern record changer was born, strict adherence to rigid precision standards and advanced engi-.
  5. Theory and Analysis of Harmony in Adrian Willaert's Canzone villanesche alla napolitana () University of Trento, Italy: January Bryden, Kristy A. Musical Conclusions: Exploring Closural Processes in Five Late Twentieth-Century Chamber Works: University of Wisconsin-Madison: May Buchler, Michael H.
  6. Anime. The OVA of Kujibiki Unbalance represents episodes 1, 21, and 25 of a fictional episode TV series, meaning that we never get to see the conclusion. Just to heighten the annoyance, episode 25 ends with Ritsuko about to announce the conditions for victory in the tournament. (The manga of Genshiken, which featured it as a Show Within a Show, clarifies that the last episode was never.
  7. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Find exactly what you're looking for!
  8. On location in Portugal, a film crew runs out of film while making their own version of Roger Corman's Day the World Ended (). The producer is nowhere to be found and director Friedrich The producer is nowhere to be found and director Friedrich.
  9. Audio only from to Schubert is not quite clear in his wording and Frau Schubert interrupts to make clear that he is speaking about an order given by Ohlendorf, not an order given by Schubert himself. Schubert apologizes for his wife, who has suffered more than he has since They talk about Schubert's position in the SD.
  10. Stars: Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Steven O'Donnell, Christopher Ryan Votes: 11, Well, it's the season of goodwill and peace on Earth, so I thought I'd chop both its feet off, rip out its innards, strip it, shove an onion up its arse and bung it in a very hot place .

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